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How Does Papermasher Work?

Papermasher is a revolutionary new concept in document shredding and identity protection. It eliminates the actual shredding and gives consumers a time-saving and reusable option to traditional document destruction. Simply fill the bags with your documents, draw the zipper and place them in your washing machine. The paper will be mashed to a pulp and become unreadable. When the wash cycle is complete the paper turns into an unreadable mash. Remove and dispose the mashed paper and reuse the bags.

The Papermasher Provides a New Alternative

Consumers have very few options for dealing with everyday mail: tear or cut up the documents, invest in paper shredders or use the Papermasher bags that are used to safely mash your confidential documents

Are Papermasher Bags Reusable?

They are absolutely reusable. The mashed paper can be discarded or recycled with regular paper. Each Papermasher bag has a zippered top providing an effortless alternative to traditional paper shredding

Are The Bags Safe For a Washing Machine?

The bags are designed to be used by a washing machine. They are made from a strong fabric that allows water in but prevent for paper to escape.

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- This is an excellent product. I am so pleased with the ease of use. Thank You!
Bridget B.

- I did use them, three times so far. I am thrilled with them. I put the pulp in the compost bin. When I get out to clean my shed I will have a bunch of old tax records etc. Then I will be using them more. I was pleasantly surprised at the quality of the bags too. They sare really nice & heavy.
Neva P.

- It was a life saver, snce I hadn't found a place to shred it helped a lot, and once I get caught up with my shredding it'll help me to get caught up

Lisa M.

- I love the papermasher it works great and I use it monthly and for cleaning out my old records
Lynne Y.

- I used it for wet document worked great probably wont accumulate volume again to need bags but they served my need did 8 loads
Debora B.

- I am very happy with this product
Fran T.

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